After more than 50 years as a performer, writer, and recording artist, I’ve never even been a one-hit wonder…

I’m still one hit under.




“One Hit Under” is a collection of 14 tracks and my best recordings since 2003, including two new songs, “Snowblower Blues” and “Rain On An Old Tin Roof.”

I play piano, guitar, and bass; sing all of the vocals; and record and manufacture these CD’s in my own studio.

When you purchase one of these CD’s from me, you’re getting something that I personally created.   Thanks!

Now available on iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon

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Now, about the music.  There are 14 tracks on the album and they are a mixture of instrumental pieces and songs with lyrics.  The collection is framed within the elements of a balloon flight.  The links below provide the complete notes on each song.

Floating: Weather Check

One More Whiskey And Water




Don’t Fall For A Fudgie

Floating:  Setup And Launch

Life Is Looking Pretty In Boyne City

Sing One, Drink One

Lawrenceburg (Things Are Getting Crazy Out There)

What The Hell Is Wrong With This Picture

Snowblower Blues

Rain On An Old Tin Roof