Digital music download “Don’t Fall For A Fudgie”


A song from northern Michigan

“From day to day and week to week,

through the shoulder months and the season’s peak,

Your best bet is living right next door”


Living in Northern Michigan, our tourist economy relies on summer visitors.  They buy fudge – lots of fudge – at prices the locals can’t afford.  They’re also called ‘trunk slammers’, and while, at first glance, the terms may seem a little disdainful of the summer crowd, we never forget who brings the bread and butter.  Just don’t fall in love with them; they will be leaving…

And, by the way, unless you were born and raised here, you’re a fudgie.  Always will be.  The best you can hope for is to be known as a nice fudgie.


Here it is (below) on bandcamp, if you prefer that platform;

Free preview, same price for download, and you can use PayPal


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