April 10, 2018

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New Music Video From Boyne City Recording Artist In Support Of Teachers

Boyne City, Michigan

Boyne City songwriter Daniel Donovan Farrow
has released a new music video in support of teachers throughout the United States as they try to restore funding to public education.


Titled “What The Hell Is Wrong With This Picture,” the song was written in 2009 and covers a number of societal issues. The second verse is about the challenges facing teachers, and features these lyrics:


She teaches the kids how to read and write, what’s up and down, and left and right
But the kids like to fight and try as she might, some lessons go unlearned
She takes her work home every night ’cause the budget’s cut and things are tight
The future’s in your hands we say, but we just can’t afford to pay you right
What the hell is wrong with this picture?


“With the emergence of teacher strikes across the country, I realized that a song I wrote nine years ago had a new relevance – it was true then, and sadly, it’s true now. I remastered the song to focus on that second verse. With the country more deeply divided than ever before, I included a chorus reminding us that we are all in this together.”


There’s a family portrait on the wall, you can see us in it, one and all
A house divided will soon fall – has the question come to call on you?
What the hell is wrong with this picture?


“What The Hell Is Wrong With This Picture: Teacher Edition” has been published on Facebook and on YouTube. The video features images of teachers and supportive students during the recent protests in Oklahoma, West Virginia, and Kentucky – along with their protest signs. In one photograph, a pile of very old, dilapidated textbooks are shown stacked on a desk in an empty classroom. In another, a teacher is shown in a classroom wearing the badge from the part-time job she works in order to buy supplies for her students.

“I hope that teachers, their families, and their students will like this song, share it, and remember that they are not alone in this struggle. I was inspired to write that verse by the late Carole Hague, a teacher who taught three generations of elementary students here in Boyne City… she was my friend. I’m hoping that public education will receive the funding it deserves, and that Americans can find some things to agree on.”

The original song is found on the album “One Hit Under” and is available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Napster, Tidal, and other streaming services, or as a compact disc directly from the artist.

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/daniel.d.farrow
YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/JDi2p85UF_c

(And why does he use three names? Because there’s another Dan Farrow, a successful recording artist in California, and it’s simply to avoid confusion.)

“What The Hell Is Wrong With This Picture”  Music & Lyrics by Daniel Donovan Farrow (BMI) © 2009  All Rights Reserved

“What The Hell Is Wrong With This Picture: Teacher Edition” Music & Lyrics by Daniel Donovan Farrow (BMI) © 2018 All Rights Reserved

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