Nearly 3,000 teenagers die behind the wheel every year.


Will yours be one of them?

  Read this book.


 If you do, you’ll make your teenager read it, too.

It’s the struggle to save just one, a girl named Jenna, who encounters an eccentric character with a unique approach to driving and life.  It’s a must-read for parents and new drivers alike, full of real-life techniques that can save a teenager driver’s life.

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Excerpt #1:

Larry and Chrissy were speechless as Huston let it all sink in for a few seconds.

“We are worried about Jenna,” said Larry, finally.

“You should be,” said Huston.  “You’ve got a dead kid driving.”


“She’s not dead yet, of course, thankfully, and I’m sorry the way it sounds, but your daughter is an accident waiting to happen.  She may as well be dead, because it’s only a matter of time.”  She swept her arm towards the surrounding offices.  “We see a lot of that around here.  There’s only one other question:  how many will she take with her?”

“You mean another accident waiting to happen,” whispered Larry to Chrissy.

Candace picked up on it and asked, “Let me guess, how many cars has she gone through?  One, at least?”

Excerpt #2

“So, I’ll also advise you to have a communication contract with Chrissy.  That means that you can bring up anything you want without a negative reaction from her… and that goes both ways, of course.  You can also talk freely about what you don’t like.  You still have to be gentle, of course.  You still have to be thoughtful about it.  But the two of you should be able to raise any issue, fearlessly.  No outrage, no shock, no negative energy.  No yelling, scratching, hair-pulling, gunplay, or 911 calls.  Communication contracts require renegotiation every so often as things change.  Sometimes a third party can help.  I’m not volunteering.  But I’ll hazard a guess that you and Chrissy do not have that type of arrangement.”

“That would be fair,” said Larry.  “She doesn’t even want to talk about it anymore.”

“A communication contract is not easy.  It takes a certain amount of courage.  It takes a tolerance that comes from the deepest source of your affection for each other.  It takes practice, and it takes time.  But, once you’ve got that working, you’ll be able to talk about anything that needs talking about.”


Review by Dr. Shari Froelich:

“Dead Kid Driving is a must read for teens and parents alike who are about to embark on experiencing a teen behind the wheel. With the numerous distractions that face teen drivers, Dead Kid Driving will assist in perfecting driving skills and give parents guidance in ensuring their teen is armed in numerous safety measures including pre-drive testing to navigating potential scenarios that commonly cause fatalities. Dead Kid Driving is a fictional story that uses real life experiences to prepare for the worse case scenarios in the ultimate driving test.

Larry and Chrissy are surprised to find out that their daughter, Jenna’s, driving habits were video taped and they did not like what they saw. Concerned that this anonymous video was suspect they took it to the local police department only to find out that the culprit was legitimate and wanted money to teach her the appropriate driving skills necessary for survival under the guise of “if you love your daughter you’ll do this”. Larry and Chrissy were hard pressed to refute the claim that without the suspects help, their daughter was sure to make a fatal mistake behind the wheel. Larry and Chrissy agreed to the terms only to find out they would also be required to participate in their daughters remediation driving test. Their daughter and for that matter, Chrissy, were not enthused about what they were to embark upon. Little did they know that the whole family suffered from basic communication skills and the would be trainer set up standards with a communication contract. Their daughter Jenna was a quick study in the driving skills necessary for the agreement terms, albeit reluctantly. The story encompasses automobile basics that every driver should possess with the ultimate goal of safety first. The writer skillfully navigates challenges in the family’s lives and brings about a plot twist in the end.”

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